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The game section in ReinoFeed concerns video games on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. We explore games, game devices, find out tips, suggests best games for you to enjoy with friends, family or to play alone.

naruto japanese manga anime

9+1 Amazing Anime Games For Xbox One You Must Try

Anime has built up a big fanbase all over the world, and it keeps growing every day. Many titles are packed with...
far cry 5 shooting game for pc, xbox one and playstation 4

Top 12 Best Shooting Games For Xbox One

The Xbox One is undoubtedly one of the best console platforms for action titles, especially shooters. Let’s take a look at our...
child of light best graphics xbox games

Top 17 Best Platform Games You Must Try

Although it is not a very well-known genre in the video game industry due to the popularity of action, adventure, and strategy...
nba 2018 best basketball games ps4

Top 15 Best Sports Games for PS4 You Should Try

The PS4 has received some of the greatest titles at various genres in the past few years. If you love sports and...
watch dogs 2 one of the best action games

Top 18 Best Action Games For Xbox You Should Try Today

Are you a big fan of Xbox action games? Are you looking for amazing games to play on your Xbox One? Let’s...
crysis 3 one of the best shooting pc games

Top 15+1 Best Shooting Games For PC You Must See Now

All games in this list are carefully selected from othe best shooting games for PC in the recent years, both free and...