Top 20 Best Graphics Games on Xbox One

Nowadays, there are more and more fantastic Xbox One games introduced to the market. Many of them come with great gameplay, fascinating plot and amazing visual design. However, for many gamers, choosing the best-looking games fropreym that cornucopia might be not easy. We can’t help but love to list out the top 20 best graphics Xbox One games.

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1. Ryse: Son of Rome

ryse son of rome best graphics games
Ryse: Son of Rome. Image by Joshua Livingston via Flickr, released under Creative Commons License.

Ryse: Son of Rome is a brutally beautiful hack and slash game. The level of detail in it is very high that you would spend plenty of time moving around the map just to look at the foliage. It includes all of the previous 4 DLC packs, giving the players up to 18 maps.

Moreover, good textures, realistic lighting models and the clever use of depth-of-field/blur post-processing are what contribute to the beauty of this game. But you have to run your Xbox at 4K resolution and 30 frames per second to achieve such incredibility.

People would call Ryse: Son of Rome a nice yet violent piece of entertainment. It’s where you can admire impressive artwork and bloody actions moving smoothly on the screen. The entire spectacle also feels being off the scale. This makes the game itself look like a real blockbuster movie.

2. The Witness

the witness xbox high graphics games
The Witness. Image by Videogame Photography via Flickr, released under Creative Commons License.

Another candidate we’d like to introduce is The Witness – an exceedingly complex game surrounded by only puzzles.

Unlike other counterparts of the same genres, The Witness blows our minds away by its grand and impressive designs which are delicately laid out on a beautiful island. Especially, the game has a unique design style, which reminds us of beautiful oil paintings. Everything is just so gentle and pleasant to look at!

Your job is to dismantle all of those puzzles scattered throughout the island. The more puzzles you solve, the higher level you will be. With one single click, another new door will be opened to welcome you to other harder puzzles. However, a few of puzzles feel quite easy, and once you’re stuck, it’s fine to move on to others if you want.

3. Call of Duty: WW2

Taking the franchise back to the root, Call of Duty: WW2 is coming back to let you fight your way across the European area in the World War II.

Call of Duty’s graphics is simply stunning. Characters look pretty realistic thanks to incredibly detailed skin shaders and other textures. This realism also extends to materials which fit seamlessly into the scene in all areas. Besides, the game prioritizes the use of shotguns and submachine guns for opening up maps (10 maps spread all over Europe).

Another impression is that WW2 features dynamic resolution scaling on both Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro platforms. The lowest resolution is set at 1920×2160 but will rise to 3840×2160 with one click. Briefly, if you desperately want to gain a breathtaking experience in the most monumental war in history, WW2 is your chance!

4. Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 is a funny and dynamic street game. Following the hype of the GTA game series, it opens up a new world filled up with amazing gameplay and impressive graphical fidelity. Every UI element looks awesome with multicolored and streamlined appearance.

Throughout the game, you’ll play as a hacker who has to hack into all connected devices to control the whole city infrastructure. It’s also Marcus and his team who put in headphones to listen to music while completing the missions. This is a big progress from the previous character who only wears a dull baseball cap.

Moreover, Watch Dogs 2 is more stylish than the first version. It includes up to 19 graphics settings, such as Ambient Occlusion, Bloom, Depth of Field, Extra Details, etc.

5. Prey 2

Prey 2. Image by Tatiana T via Flickr, released under Creative Commons License.

Since its first launch in 2007, “Prey” has found it easier than ever to steal our hearts with brand new storytelling, as well as a combo of guns and superpower weapons in a sci-fi space. Unlike a few first-person game genres, Prey is more brilliant thanks to incredibly authentic and cool visuals, from the space station to the dark aliens.

In the game, you’ll encounter dangerous creatures, such as the Mimics and little spiders. They are good at hiding themselves as casual things (coffee cups or staplers), but they can suddenly transform into their true selves and start latching onto your face.

However, don’t worry about those sneaky attacks, especially when you have the firepower to fight them back easily. It’s time to explore the truth about the past and handle the threats that are ravaging your space station!

6. Firewatch

There is full of fun and amazement during your venture at Firewatch. Playing it and you’ll be amazed at how the virtual nature looks so great. What’s better than trekking into such gorgeous landscapes?

Gamers must praise Firewatch’s stunning graphics that make every bit of things as genuine as possible. You can see these brilliant things through the vistas, sunsets, forests, mist, clouds, and trees surrounding you.

The game not only lets you discover the breathtaking scenes but also takes you through exotic events that have some relations to the ancient mystery. That’s not to mention how compelling the game storyline is. If you would like to experience a pretty first-person adventure game, Firewatch won’t disappoint you!

7. Forza Motorsport 7

forza motorsport 7 good graphics
Forza Motorsport 7. Image by Paulo.hvo via Flickr, released to Public Domain.

Aside from having the faster loading time and 4K Ultra HD, Forza Motorsports 7 is well-known for owning several “wow” elements. The game appears nicely at 60 frames per second, making it worthy of a position on this list of the best graphics Xbox One games (you can visit also the list of best graphics PC games and best graphics PS4 games).

Forza Motorsports 7 run well in the 4K and never stop impressing us with amazing graphical capabilities. More than that, the gameplay can get anyone addicted, and you only want to keep playing, racing, moving forwards, and winning more prizes.

You must be adapted fast to the game controls and then find yourself easily pinballing off every wall and other cars. This is where you can advance through many races and win over championship sequences. Also, the game gives you various ways to play it, from working your way through the single-player mode to cooperating with others in the multiplayer mode.

8. Gears of War 4

gears of war 4 best graphics games pc
Gears of War 4. Photo by BagoGames via Flickr under Creative Commons License

The substantial hardware of Xbox One has placed Gears of War 4 to the whole new level. Once playing it, you’ve got a chance to experience the graphically badass showcases which take the series to its best graphics and visual effects.

Gamers can choose to push the in-game graphics to the final limit. This is easily seen through the superior textures that run in 4K HD. Much of those amazing visual effects arrive from gunfire screens, explosions, and the collapse of buildings in the fierce storms.

You can call Gears of War 4 as one of the best games to try this year. It not only looks incredible but also offers a staggering level of graphical customization. This is considered completely free for anyone who purchases XBOX version under the Xbox Play Anywhere of Microsoft.

9. Rise of The Tomb Raider

rise of the tomb raider best graphics games
Rise of the Tomb Raider. Image by Stefan S via Flickr, released under Creative Commons License.

The Rise of the Tomb Raider runs at 4K Ultra HD and has enriched visual effects thanks to the Crystal Dynamics engine. There are three optimization modes for gamers to select: high-quality, high frame rate, and 4K.

Physically-based rendering offers materials a natural look under all conditions. Global Illumination enhances the realism of lighting and allows controlling over individual areas. Subsurface Scattering and Backscattering improves the quality of lighting on characters’ skin. Those techs and others make Rise of the Tomb Raider deserves to be on the list of best graphics Xbox One games.

We recommend you to get a bite of this action-adventure game, especially when all kinds of moves made by the protagonists are quicker than a racing game. In fact, the game depicts an old-fashioned adventure where you have to explore the hidden secrets of the eternal life, but it contains many ‘wow’ factors in its realistic cinematics.

10. Dark Souls 3

dark souls 3 best xbox games graphics
Ryse: Son of Rome. Image by Skall_Edit via Flickr, released under Creative Commons License.

As a player, you will find yourself obsessed by challenges in Dark Souls 3 when you surpass enemies to the next campfire. The seamless visuals and a chain of brand new features are enough to make the game itself one of the most favorite Xbox One games to play this year.

The graphical design of the Dark Souls series strongly focuses on the main character, great bosses and ancient buildings. Both visuals and audio of the game are painstakingly built to match every fight. But with this newest version, everything is boosted to the higher level. In fact, most gamers say that Dark Souls 3 is faster, darker, and far prettier than ever!

And you – as a player – should be ready to encounter new areas, stronger bosses, and more powerful enemies. This is also your chance to conquer the last chapter of the Dark World that is only made by the badass mind of Miyazaki!

11. Quantum Break

quantum break xbox game
Quantum Break. Image by BagoGames via Flickr, released under Creative Commons License.
  • Platforms: Xbox One, Windows 10
  • Game genres: Action-adventure game, Third-person shooter
  • Game mode: Single player

Running on a dynamic live-action platform, Quantum Break suits all gamers who love to manipulate their power to handle enemies. But what most players are excited about the game is how beautiful it looks on the Xbox One.

Visual effects are stunning thanks to a well-designed lighting system and decent textures that appear delicately all over the surfaces. They indeed look great on every bit of the scene. But what impresses gamers most is its attractive plot, making it an outstanding title on the mid and entry-level.

Throughout the game, you play as Jack Joyce who can travel through time. You will have to face a wide range of enemies, especially some guys who feature specially-designed suits that allow them to manipulate time as well. Different enemies show off different skills, so you need to deploy different tactics to defeat them.

12. Unravel

Highly inspired by the camping trips far in the Northern Swedish countryside, Unravel is said to successfully capture the most natural attraction of the place. Have you ever seen a little and cute creature which is only made of yarn moving around the game screen? Here’s your chance to witness it in a new perception.

For those who haven’t known about the game yet, Unravel is a good puzzle platformer developed by ColdWood Interaction. Its main character’s mission is to tie all of the memories of a woman to bring her back to the people she truly loves.

The in-game world looks extremely beautiful, especially when it comes with a touch of magic and puzzles populating the whole environment. This is also the reason why we put it in the roundup of the best graphics Xbox One games you must try this year!

13. Agents of Mayhem

Set in the same space as the Saints Row, Agents of Mayhem is a fascinating game to experience. It’s also a decent-looking game with nice-designed particle effects and engine’s destruction simulations. Its solid visual effects also attract players.

Agents of Mayhem is in the same fashion to some third-person shooting games. You could choose your favorite abilities and weapons before approaching the real battles. But it owns many unique features. For example, it lets you control multiple characters from the squad of three agents descending from the fortress.

Besides, the game uses a pretty unique style of storytelling. It focuses more on comic style cutscenes, instead of in-engine cutscenes. This change works really well with the theme of the game.

14. Child of Light

child of light best graphics xbox games
Child of Light. Image by Jorge Figueroa via Flickr under Creative Commons License.

Child of Light has a hand-painted gaming style which is mostly influenced by the popular movie studio of Ghibli. Playing the game and it will take you in a journey of Aurora – a little princess who has a pure heart but owns a soul brought to the Kingdom of Lemuria.

Visual arts are delicately hand-drawn in a stunning narrative. Watercolor effects are utilized to offer gamers the feeling of being awake in the underwater dream. For most parts, the in-game story feels a bit straightforward when it circles Aurora who detects herself transported to Lemuria.

Along with beautiful paintings, Child of Light also features emotional and gentle piano melodies that can draw anyone in. Let’s your soul be captured every moment you experience this game!

15. Ori and Blind Forest

ori and the blind forest xbox game best graphics
Ori and the Blind Forest. Image by BagoGames via Flickr, released under Creative Commons License.

Ori and Blind Forest is a 2D platform game which takes great visual inspiration from the famous animated movie The Lion King. It looks pretty good with its unique art that can lure anyone in.

The game showcases the beautiful work of all talented video game artists and displays the best of their profession. All of these can be quickly spotted through the environment and character design. Gamers praise its delicate animation and smooth atmosphere which convey a sense of lightweight agility.

Moreover, Ori and Blind Forest do an excellent job when making everyone feel so connected to the in-game characters. It feels weird, but its facial animation and natural dialogue are strong enough to retain your emotion. Other plus points are the uplifting music and the intuitive gameplay. No doubt, Ori is a true expert at making use of these to steal many people’s heart.

16. Fallout 4

Fallout 4. Image by BagoGames via Flickr, released under Creative Commons License.

You’re on a trip to Nuka world – a huge amusement park where is the hideout of raiders. And you’ve got to discover all-new areas to lead the gangs of raiders to conquer every settlement. Does that sound great!

The Xbox One X pushes Fallout 4 to render at up to 4K pixels. Compared to previous versions of the series, this newest one is a big improvement in terms of graphical quality. The shrubs look more distinct, the leaves are crunchier, the variety of terrain and rock is wider, even the garbage seems to be more realistic.

Feel free to do whatever you like in a vast open world that consists of endless regions, new characters, and challenging quests. Make your choice and build up your own playstyle by selecting many Perks out there.

17. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Regarded as the hugest online multiplayer shooter games in the world, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been achieving over 30 million gamers in less than a year.

Gameplay is the best feature of this game. In each round, 100 players airdrop into an island. Their mission is to collect weapons and resources which help them win fierce battles. Players can choose to play solo or with a team. In either case, the winner is the last man or team who is left alive.

In terms of graphics, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can capture any gamer’s attention. Just look at the battlegrounds on the islands and see how detailed they look. Briefly, if you’re looking for a great game having a good balance of visual quality and performance, this one should be your choice!

18. Injustice 2

injustice 2 xbox game
Injustice 2. Image by BagoGames via Flickr, released under Creative Commons License.

Injustice 2 is a fighting game which gives you the chance to “cuddle up” greatest superheroes in the DC comic and cinema universe. These include Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Joker, Black Adam and much more.

Not only does the game capture our attention with an intriguing story, but it is also good at bringing the awesomeness of the whole cast to the game screen. This has been the biggest selling point of Injustice 2.

Take a closer look at every detail of the textures and you will understand why Injustice can make its debut in the top 20 best graphics Xbox One games today. They’re just fantastic in the character design, surroundings, and other visual effects.

19. Superhot

superhot game xbox one best graphics
Superhot. Image by Jorge Figueroa via Flickr under Creative Commons License.

What makes Superhot special is its world which is covered with only shades of white, black, and red. The graphical design feel extremely brilliant and memorable, making it the most fascinating part of the game. This also sounds interesting to anyone who hasn’t got a chance to play such a unique gaming style.

Although Superhot is a first-person shooting game, it’s unlike anything you’ve played before. The in-game time merely moves whenever you do something and then slow down whenever you decide to stand still.

Let’s pause to observe the chamber to plan the right moves and dodge any upcoming attacker. Then pause once more to create your new plan. Also, don’t miss trying your best to survive as long as you can, or simply disarm the enemies’ weapons in every fight.

20. Halo 5: Guardians

halo 5 guardians hammer storm high graphics xbox games
Halo 5: Guardians. Image by BagoGames via Flickr, released under Creative Commons License.

By availing the lively resolution of 2160p, Halo 5 is a truly deep-looking game where all textures are shown off in the extreme level of details. Spectacular visual effects and seductive characters also make the game more outstanding.

In terms of gameplay, Halo 5 is a worth-to-play game with more than 24-player fights in which you get to compete with Covenant, Forerunners, and more. You can either use your Xbox One to play solo with the most powerful and cooperative teammates or join other members in a 4-player battle to hunt across the newest worlds.

Although shining and reflection effects are a bit too much according to some gamers, the animation experience that Halo 5 brings to us is still eye-catching.

Summary: Top 20 best graphics Xbox One games

  1. The Witness | Buy The Witness for Xbox One
  2. Call of Duty: WW2 | Buy Call of Duty: WW2 for Xbox One
  3. Watch Dogs 2 | Buy Watch Dogs 2 for Xbox One
  4. Prey 2 | Buy Prey for Xbox One
  5. Firewatch | Buy Firewatch for Xbox One
  6. Forza Motorsport 7 | Buy Forza Motorsport 7 for Xbox One
  7. Gears of War 4 | Buy Gears of War 4 for Xbox One
  8. Rise of The Tomb Raider | Buy Rise of The Tomb Raider for Xbox One
  9. Ryse: Son of Rome | Buy Ryse: Son of Rome for Xbox One
  10. Dark Souls 3 | Buy Dark Souls 3 for Xbox One
  11. Quantum Break | Buy Quantum Break for Xbox One
  12. Unravel | Buy Unravel for Xbox One
  13. Agents of Mayhem | Buy Agents of Mayhem for Xbox One
  14. Child of Light | Buy Child of Light for Xbox One
  15. Ori and Blind Forest | Buy Ori and Blind Forest for Xbox One
  16. Fallout 4 | Buy Fallout 4 for Xbox One
  17. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds | Buy PUBG Preview Edition for Xbox One
  18. Injustice 2 | Buy Injustice 2 for Xbox One
  19. Superhot | Buy Superhot for Xbox One
  20. Halo 5: Guardians | Buy Halo 5: Guardians for Xbox One

Through our roundup of the best graphics Xbox One games today, we hope that you’ve got some great ideas about which games are on the rise of graphics. If you find our post helpful, don’t hesitate to share it!

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