Best 5 Virtual Reality Headsets You Can Get In 2017

Top 5 best virtual reality headsets you can find
Excellent gaming experience with a Virtual Reality headset.

As one of the latest technology trends in 2017, virtual reality is an interesting field to explore. These days, many people love turning their entertainment into virtual reality. For example, there is a fast-growing demand from the gaming community to not only play a game but also be in the game for an immersive experience. The same thing happens in films, music, education, and even real estate.

For now, the only supplies to the VR demands are VR headsets. New VR developers are emerging all the time. We have done our thorough research to bring you the best virtual reality headsets in 2017. Let’s take a look!

If you are wondering what games to play with these amazing devices, we have suggested 10 Best Virtual Reality Games for PC and Consoles.

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in 2017

  • Only compatible with some Galaxy models
  • Wireless
  • Smooth head tracking
  • 1440x1280p per eye

Samsung has been a major player in the race of VR headsets for years. They have produced 3 versions of Gear VR in 2015, 2016 and 2017. All of these generations are designed for Samsung phone owners.

All Samsung VR gears are wireless, which is perfect for portability and instant fun time with beloved ones. Their designs are compact and comfortable with controllers offering effortless and precise movements. There is no hassle with set-up and space required to have immersive experiences.

Coming with the gears, there are more than 800 games and apps for users to choose from. Exclusively, Netflix has a unique streaming service for Samsung VR gears which allows users to watch their favorite Netflix shows in a VR room.

Head tracking is incredibly smooth with built-in gyro sensors and accelerometers. While the resolution quality of the 2015 and 2016 models may have disappointed some users, that of the 2017 model exceeds expectations with 1440x1280p per eye, which brings a much more beautiful display.

  • Compatible with a number of Android Nougat systems and Galaxy S8, S8 Plus
  • Wireless
  • Good head tracking
  • 1440x1280p per eye
  • Easy to manage and navigate through all games and apps
  • 3 colors

Daydream View is the VR platform designed by Google for certain Android Nougat versions. Google debuted their first Daydream View in 2016 and introduced the second generation in 2017 with superior features. We’ll examine the 2017 edition below.

The headset is wireless, stylish with 3 different shades (charcoal, fog, coal) and comfortable to wear. There is a huge number of affordable games and apps available on Google Store. Netflix has partnered with Google to create virtual content for Daydream users. HBO, Hulu, The New York Times also offer virtual apps. There are a lot of familiar Google apps now made accessible with Daydream, including Maps, YouTube, Photos and Play Movies.

Unlike Samsung gears, Google Daydream has made its VR platform compatible with many phones, including Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Buyers should look up online what phones or systems are ready for Daydream features to guarantee the best performance. Also, Daydream offers the resolution of up to 1440p per eye and amazing head tracking.

For now, Google Daydream View 2017 has not supported iOS yet, which can be considered a downside, but developers are working hard to bring the world a better generation with improved features.

  • Only for PlayStation 4
  • Not wireless, require set up
  • Good head tracking
  • 960-1080p per eye

Released on October 13th, 2016, PlayStation VR has met the expectations of many gamers with its immersive technology.

PlayStation VR is specially designed for consoles only, particularly PlayStation 4. It is not compatible with any phones now because it only focuses on turning PlayStation games into the most vivid reality.

This VR system is not wireless because you need to plug it into a processor unit included in your purchase. Setup is also a bit more complicated than Samsung gears and Google Daydream View. You need to dedicate a certain amount of space for a screen, a PlayStation 4 and other set-ups.  Accessories included are considered a bit too much for some users, but they offer the best quality VR experiences. The 5.7” OLED screen surrounds you with super real 3D images. The degree of vision extends to 360o. The machine processes 120 frames per second, giving users the most vivid visuals and low latency.

There is an audio enhancement system with built-in microphone and 3D audio. Head tracking is very precise because the PlayStation Camera monitors every movement carefully.

  • Only for gaming PCs
  • 1080x1200p per eye
  • Xbox integrated
  • Exclusive Oculus Touch control

Released on March 28th, 2016, Oculus Rift aims to transform people’s PC gaming experience with VR. To play with Oculus Rift, users need a powerful PC that can process VR.

The current version of Oculus Rift is not wireless because it requires cables and some set-ups. This VR platform can generate images in 1080x1200p. It is integrated with some Xbox 2D games, so you can enjoy your games in a completely different way.

There is a separate set of Oculus Touch, which is the innovative control pieces used to play Oculus VR games. There is also a Home Launcher page in virtual reality for users to organize their games and get recommendations.

The brand is developing more games of different kinds rather than only focusing on first-person shooter games. Head tracking function works well as it uses special LEDs to detect precise movements.

  • Only for gaming PCs
  • Exclusive motion tracking boxes
  • Not wireless
  • 1080x1200p per eye

Released on April 5th, 2016, this is considered as the VR platform with the best performance for PC so far. Many people think the price hinders a lot of potential customers, but those who have tried Vive say it is absolutely worth it.
Like Oculus Rift, Vive requires gaming PCs to have a powerful system to accommodate virtual experiences. But unlike any other VR systems, Vive has its own unique motion tracking system called Vive Base Stations. The stations are black boxes that establish a 360-degree virtual space measuring 15×15 foot radius around you to allow complete immersion.

The current version is not wireless yet, but there’ll be wireless developments in the near future. For now, gamers can enjoy the benefits of exclusive games, full immersion, safe playing and VR cinema.


The best virtual reality headsets in 2017 are not the ones with the highest price, but the ones that give you the most amazing experience. No matter which VR platform (phone, console or PC) you prefer, suggested products above target at different groups of users. We hope you have found helpful information to make your own choice.

How do you think about this list? Do you have other suggestions? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section.


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