Bloodborne: How To Defeat 6 Great Bosses

Bloodborne defeat great bosses

Bloodborne gains much attention and tons of praises from all the Souls Series’ fans after its release on PS4. Now it ranks as one of the BEST console’s games of all times that you just can’t wait to try! Also, as you might remember, it also features in our early list of the Best PlayStation 4 Games in 2017.

Bloodborne on PS4

For most gamers, playing Bloodborne might feel easier than other Dark Souls brothers. But you still see a lot of them die continuously, especially when they try to send the Bloodborne great bosses to hell. This is the reason why we want to share with you the secrets on how to be a badass – when you find no difficulty in KILLING ALL BOSSES in the game.

The bosses that we mention in this post include Cleric Beast, Father Gascoigne, Witch of Hemwick, Vacuous Spider, The One Reborn, and Darkbeast Paarl. Read our quick boss battle guide with every cool tip and trick for killing all of them with ease.

1. Cleric Beast

Bloodborne great boss Clearic Beast
Find a way to get behind the Beast to easily strike it down. Photo credit: Bloodborne Wiki

Never keep standing in front of the Beast too long, or else you’ll be at the edge of death. Try to run toward it and position yourself behind. It surely turns to strike you, but don’t panic! Just keep dodging and moving around to the Cleric Beast’s back.

However, if you unluckily get stuck in this situation, calm down and hurry to back away so that the beast could run away from the wall. Once you see any room behind it, take this chance to move back and start hitting it from behind. What if the Beast flies into the rage (meaning it will attach you fiercely)? Well, stay back and let it strike the air a bit before resuming your attack.

2. Father Gascoigne

Bloodborne great boss Father Gascoigne
Let’s beat one of the hardest Bloodborne great bosses! Photo credit: Bloodborne Wiki

Father Gascoigne makes him extremely strong by transforming his melee weapon into a longer and sharper blade. So, stun him about 3 times while he remains the human form.

Before facing him, let’s acquire the Tiny Music Box from a young Yharnam girl (his daughter). Find it next to the gate to the sewers right in the plaza of Central Yharnam. When he changes into the hostile beast, play the music box in your item collection. At the same time, ensure yourself to a position close to him before using the box. If not, you won’t spare enough time to move around right behind his back to inflict a Charge Attack.

3. Witch of Hemwick

bloodborne great boss witch of hemwick
Witches are giving you so much trouble? Photo credit: Bloodborne Wiki

When encountering Soot Monster hatching in the midst of a chamber, don’t get yourself fooled early since it’s not the boss. Witch of Hemwick will be one of the Bloodborne great bosses you should be cautious about, and she’s just right on your left.

Hit her until she shows up. But as you see a purple glow appear below her, stay away as fast as possible so that you won’t be attacked by that. However, that purple glow differs the light purple shade surrounding the Witch when she disappears.

4. The One Reborn

Bloodborne great boss: the one reborn
Killing The One Reborn helps you go more than halfway through the game. Photo source: Bloodborne Wiki

After all Bell Callers are sent to hell, get back to the ground floor to prepare for facing The One Reborn – one of the Bloodborne great bosses you can’t ignore. It looks very tall with a skeleton at the highest point. It has one gooey thing at the base of its body. Bear in mind that trying hard to kill The One Reborn in the front is an awesome way to get killed soon.

The best strategy you can use here is to dash around its rear-end or land rapid attacks on the boss’ hind legs and butt. Also, avoid anything spat out from it by going over the stairs because that vomit attack can’t reach the stairs if the boss isn’t next to that area. During the battle, once seeing the boss’ midsection shines red, stay away from it or its attack.

5. Darkbeast Paarl

Bloodborne great boss darkbeast paarl
Stay under the boss and hit it as much as possible. Photo credit: Bloodborne Wiki

Darkbeast Paarl is an electrified dog – like a beast with a scary skeleton face. It looks like the child of the Blood starved beast and Vicar Amelia, but it was born with an electrifying feature. Throughout the fight, move away as far as possible from the boss as it starts standing still and intensifies its electricity. Never let yourself be out in front of it.

Stay under the boss and hit it as much as possible. If you want to boost your damage to it, use the Fire Paper. After releasing enough damage, the beast will soon lose its lightning power. At this point, keep attaching it and be careful as it begins backing up to strike you back a few times.

6. Vacuous Spider

bloodborne great boss vacuous spider
It takes longer for you to battle against this vacuous spider. Photo credit: Bloodborne Wiki

Vacuous Spider is one of the toughest bosses the game offers. The challenging part is a bunch of spiders spawning more to guard their boss right after you hit it. Don’t worry about how to destroy such a large amount of horrifying creatures, instead of doing that, focus more on the boss.

Here’s the best strategy for you: Race through the spiders to strike Rom (another name of the boss). Those spiders won’t be able to aim and attack you accurately if you run fast through them. They also do not follow you at all!


Bloodborne is not the game for weak-heart types, especially when the most intimidating beasts of the game are waiting to combat with you anytime and anywhere. Make your fight easier with those Bloodborne great bosses by picking up some great tips and tricks in this guide. You’re almost getting close the end, warriors – all your suffering and hardship will be rewarded!

What do you think about these tips? Can you share yours? Let us know by commenting in the section below.

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