counter strike gears: gaming gear for professional players

Counter Strike (CS:GO): The Most Popular Gears of Professional Players

Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a worldwide popular FPS game. It requires the gamers to react as fast and precisely as possible to take advantage...
Top 5 best virtual reality headsets you can find

Best 5 Virtual Reality Headsets You Can Get In 2017

As one of the latest technology trends in 2017, virtual reality is an interesting field to explore. These days, many people love turning their...
top powerful pc for gamers

Top 5 Most Powerful PCs for Gamers in 2017

PC gaming has been around for decades, and the evolvement of consoles in recent times has led people to believe console gaming is taking...
best game screen recorders for PC

Best 4 PC Game Screen Recorders in 2017

Screen recording is essential to anyone that wants to make a tutorial for games or other purposes. Tutorials made can be helpful in various...

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counter strike

Video Games Discovery #10: Counter Strike Global Offensive (PC)

So many people love gaming around the world, and individuals possess distinct interests which determines what games they’ll enjoy playing. But, there are certain...