20 strangest guinness world records

20 Guinness World Records You Don’t Even Believe Exist

A famous quote said ‘’Nothing is impossible!’’. We didn’t appreciate this one till we made the list of 20 Guinness world records that you...
Sirius Black and Harry Potter

15 Biggest Plot Holes In Harry Potter Books

Nothing is perfect in our lives, neither is the super work in the literature and the cinema world – Harry Potter series. Today we...
top strangest new year traditions

Top 27 Strangest New Year Traditions Around The World

A new year is coming! And all across the globe, people take to the street or gather together to celebrate this monumental time. They...

16 Christmas Fun Facts That Would Surprise You

What’s so surprising about Xmas – an age-old celebration that walked through many centuries of tradition? We have up to 16 Christmas fun facts...
jaguar car 5 interesting facts

6 Interesting Facts About Jaguar Cars That You Want to Know

In 1935, SS Jaguar - the first Jaguar car appeared on the market after William Lyons and William Walmsley started SS Cars Ltd. After the World War...
Santa Claus and kid

Santa Claus: 17 Unusual Facts That Will Make You Smile

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been bad or good this year, everyone anticipates the arrival of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. That is, unless...
Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving: What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You

There is no other day of the year that reminds people of delicious food and quality family time than Thanksgiving Day. The turkey, the...

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