10 Interesting Facts About Chevrolet Silverado

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Imagine you’re going to drive a classic truck-like car with super competitive capabilities and up-to-date multimedia techs. The Chevrolet Silverado exudes a highly bold appearance, smooth ride, and quiet cabin in a flawless pickup-truck formula.

These 10 most interesting facts about the Chevrolet Silverado that we’ll reveal right now will probably surprise you.

chevrolet silverado
Photo by John Fritman Via Flickr

1. Silverado kicks off as an innovator

The innovation started in a standard pick-up truck mode. The modern platform (GMT800) availed a brand new style of hydro-forming to build up a frame that was not only more intense but also much lighter. This initial technology used to be applied to the Chevrolet Corvette, but it is then turned out to apply to the amazing Chevrolet Silverado.

And how about the best part of the story? They knock out Ford, making them catch up to fight against the upgrades.

2. The begin of Chevrolet Silverado is the end of Chevrolet C/K

The Chevrolet C/K Series Truck (1963)
The Chevrolet C/K Series Truck (1963). Photo by Steve Glover Via Flickr

From 1960 until 2000, the light- and medium-duty pick-up truck line of Chevrolet was called Chevrolet C/K. You might wonder what “C” and “K” here mean. Well, C stands for two-wheel drive, and K stands for four-wheel drive.

After the company decided to apply the stronger frame (as I mentioned in the first interesting fact) to a brand new heavy-duty truck line that can boost the loading capacity of the old one to a higher level, they chose to stop making the Chevrolet C/K. In other words, the birth of Chevrolet Silverado indirectly caused the death of Chevrolet C/K.

3. The “Silverado” name comes from a trim level

“Silverado” is indeed the name of an optional trim level that was used in the Chevrolet C/K, Chevrolet Suburban and Chevrolet Tahoe series during 1975 and 1998. When Chevrolet successfully built their new heavy-duty pick-up truck series in 1998, they gave its name as Silverado which lasts until now.

4. Silverado was turned into an electric version

VIA Motors VTRUX track
VIA Motor’s VTRUX Truck. Photo by Revistadelmotor via Flickr.

VIA Motors, another company which cooperated with GM, made the broaden-range electric cars aimed mainly at the fleet degree. The firm takes Silverado, offering it an electric motor and then transforms it into the VIA VTRUX. This car owns a 40-mile electric range and a gas-powered engine in use whenever its batteries are out of power.

This tech is quite like what GM avails to power up the Chevy Volt. In reality, GM’s Vice Chairman joined the firm in 2011. And like the Volt’s farther, he tried to engage in a new firm dedicated to all electrifying cars.

5. A hybrid version of Silverado was launched by GM

The Silverado 1500 Hybrid Short Box 4x4 Crew Cab
The Silverado 1500 Hybrid Short Box 4×4 Crew Cab. Photo by Jack’s cars Via Flickr

This could be the initial hybrid car made by GM when we looked back to 2004. The interesting fact here is that while it’s a hybrid, it’s not a hybrid in everyone’s sense in the present. In 2004, the motor just dealt with engine starting, cranking, charging, and other powering tools. It’s not a hybrid because it’s recognized as a kind of micro-hybrid.

6. A Chevrolet Silverado is used in NASCAR Series

There are around 19 teams using Chevrolet Silverado as their car of choice from the entire series. It has also grabbed the Primm 300 off-road competition in three years, 2004, 2005, and 2006. As we see, the Chevrolet Silverado is well-introduced in the series and does a great job as well.   

7. Intimidator SS used to be a special edition

chevrolet silverado intimidator ss
Chevrolet Silverado Intimidator SS. Photo by chgarage via Flickr

One of the most special editions made to honor the Dale Earnhardt back to 2006 was Intimidator SS. From the beginning, there were 1033 vehicles planned to be produced, but just 933 out of them were made and sold. As for the differences between that model and the Silverado SS were not very much and mainly depending on the look of the car.

8. Silverado is probably the smartest truck you can find

Despite being a pick-up truck, Chevrolet Silverado never lets drivers left out of the most advanced in-vehicle techs. It’s probably the first full-sized pick-up truck featuring the built-in 4G LTE & Wi-Fi system, enabling up to seven devices to link on the go. It does not matter if you’re reaching from one site to the next one, or go further to the American West for the whole week, you’re still connected.

Besides, the cars are also equipped with a voice command system, a touchscreen, safety techs, and other badass features. Chevrolet Silverado is probably the smartest truck you can dream of!

9. Ford F-Series is the biggest rival of Chevrolet Silverado

When it comes to buying a pick-up truck, Chevrolet Silverado and Ford F-Series are probably the two first choices that come to most US drivers’ mind. There are numerous reasons why these truck brands have been the two most best-selling for decades: nice, durable, versatile, powerful, available in both reasonably-priced and luxurious models, etc.

There had been the time that Ford falls behind and Chevrolet builds for the marketplace, and there had also been the time that Ford wins the game in terms of sales. But in general, their war doesn’t seem to go to the end but might keep going for decades.

10. Silverado is probably the most comfortable truck you can find

Though the last Silverado models were quite satisfying, the 2014 edition just takes this comfort to the whole next level. Every seat is facile to clear up and extremely solid. Above all, they’re designed with double firmness foam to keep you staying comfortably no matter how long you’re stuck in your truck driving. For rear passengers’ seats are quite comfortable with additional foot room and legroom so that we could have more space to move and have so much fun while on the street.


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