Video Games Discovery #8: Clash of Clans (Mobile Game)

clash of clans

Clash of Clans is a free-to-play mobile game published by Supercell. It is available to be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple Store. According to Clash of Stats, currently, there is over 166 million Clash of Clans players worldwide. This is quite an impressive number with any game title.

1. What Clash of Clans Is About

  • Game genre: strategy
  • Network connection: required
  • Single player, multiplayer
  • Age ratings: kids of 7 or above
  • Platform: Android, iOS

The idea of Clash of Clans is quite simple: to build up a powerful village and armies to be able to win over other players on the network on attack or on defense. For a deep understanding about the game, visit the Clash of Clans Wiki.

Clash of Clans Tips: Level Up in a Proper Way, Plus Attacking Strategies!
A Clash of Clan village with Town Hall 7

2. Some Concepts in Clash of Clans

Builders and Buildings

Buildings are the core assets of your village. Available buildings in Clash of Clans include:

  • Town Hall: the level of a Town Hall decides the highest level that your buildings and troops can be upgraded to. So, upgrade the Town Hall also means you can upgrade other buildings, too.
  • Clan Castle: to donate and receive troops donation
  • Defensive buildings (Wall, Cannons, Bombs, Traps, Towers, Mortars, Air Defenses, Wizard Towers, Hidden Teslas, X-Bows and so on): to defend your village against attacks. These will automatically attack troops that are deployed within their views.
  • Barracks: include a selection of different troops that you can choose to train
  • Army Camps: to house your army. You cannot train more troops that what your Army Camp allows.
  • Laboratory: to increase troop level
  • Resources buildings (Elixir Collector, Gold Mine, and Dark Elixir Drills): to generate Elixir, Gold and Dark Elixir
  • Storage buildings (Elixir, Gold, and Dark Elixir Storage): to store your loots.
  • Factories (Spell and Dark Spell Factories): to make spells

To make an upgrade a building, you need a builder. The number of builders equal to the number of buildings that you can upgrade at a time. So, more is good. The maximum builders that you can have are 5.

Clans and Clan Wars

A clan is a team that involves a leader, many co-leaders, and members. After joining a clan, you can request troops or donate troops to other members. Also, you can ask them to make a test attack on your village to see how good at defending your village is.

You can switch clans as many times as you like.

Once a clan has 10 members or more, it is eligible for clan wars, to fight against another clan. The leader will choose members who will involve in the war.

A clan war lasts two days: preparation day and battle day.

In a preparation day, you can donate troops to your teammates for defense. Also, you will be able to see the opposing team’s bases. During this time, you should discuss attacking tactics with your teammates.

In the battle day, each member that involves in the clan wars will be able to perform two attacks on any bases from the opponent team. Finally, which team gathers more stars from attacks will be the winner and get some experience points. Also, the members of the winning team get a good number of loots.

A clan will level up once it has enough experience (which only generates from clan wars). A higher level brings about better benefits for all the members. That’s why everybody wants to join a clan of high level.

Loot: Elixir, Dark Elixir, and Gold

To upgrade buildings and make troops, you need Elixir and Gold.

To make Dark Troops, you need to have Dark Elixir.

You can get these from the resources buildings or after a successful attack on another village.

League Levels

Clash of Clans league levels
Consecutive wins in single matches will help you climb up the ladder of league levels.

A league position will determine your opponent levels and the prize loot you get after winning an attack.

So, simply saying, the higher league you are in, the tougher opponents you encounter and the better prize you will get after winning a match.

Builder Base

Recently, Supercell introduces new land for Clash of Clans: builder base. You can travel to this place at any time you like.

In general, the buildings in builder base are quite similar as in the home village base. However, there is only a limited number of troop types to select. Before a match, you can switch troops, for example, change from air troops to ground ones. This proves to be extremely helpful as you might want to change your tactics based on the opponent’s village design.

Another difference between builder base and home base is the combat system. When you choose to battle, the game system will select your opponent. Both of you attack at the same time and who gets more stars or more percentage of damages to another, will win. So this can be considered a duel.

The last difference we noticed is the loot system. To make troops, you do not loose Elixir as in the home base. And, while the winner will get the Elixir and Gold, the loser does not lose anything. You can think of this as good or bad, but surely it takes the stress off a lot of players.

The video below is an example of attacking in builder base. And please don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel.

3. What You Can Do in Clash of Clans

There are some tasks you should perform regularly in Clash of Clans:

  • Build and upgrade buildings
  • Make troops and attack other villages
  • Join a clan, donate troops and involve in clan wars if possible

Additionally, you can do these if you wish:

  • Create a new clan and invite other people to join. So you will be the leader of that clan
  • Revenge on the player who attacked your village (can be seen from the defense log)

4. Battles in Clash of Clans

The battles play a key role in Clash of Clans.

Rules and Notes

There are some rules that you have to follow when attacking another village in home base (the builder base duel combat follows another set of rules):

  • You can choose your target before attacking. Each time the game system is requested to find a new opponent for you, you have to pay an amount of gold which will be calculated based on your league position.
  • Once you deploy your first troop, you cannot switch opponents anymore in that game session. In other words, you have to attack or lose.
  • The league points you get will be different each match. Depending on your opponent situation and how much you damage the village, the league points counted for that match will be different. If you plan to attack for league points, be sure to check the number first.
  • You cannot switch troops before attacking. You have to make troops in your home base and must attack a village with those armies. This is a difference in comparison to builder base.

Win and Lose

The win or lose in a Clash of Clans game depends on how many stars an attacker gets. A star will be granted when:

  • 50% or more of a village’s buildings are destroyed
  • Town Hall of the village is destroyed
  • A perfect three-star win happens when a player successfully destroy 100% of a village’s buildings
clash of clans attack loot screenshot
Destroying half of a village’s buildings only gives you one star.

Any match that can generate at least one star will bring about the win to the attacker. So, destroy a village’s Town Hall is enough to get an attacker a victory and winning prizes. More details on winning situations:

  • Single attack: you attack other village and grab at least one star.
  • Single defense: you will if other player attacks your village but do not grab any stars.
  • Clan Wars: which team gets more stars in a one-day battle event will win.
clash of clans attack and defense log
You can access the log of attacks and defense at any time.


Clash of Clans offers a wide range of troop types so that you can easily test different attacking strategies. In general, your army can consist of air troops, ground troops, and special troops.

  • Air troops: They are able to fly over walls and attack from above. Only air defenses can attack these troops, which include Balloons, Dragons, Baby Dragons, Healers, Minions, and Lava Hounds.
  • Ground troops: They travel on the ground and will be the target of ground defenses. The ground troops include Barbarians, Archers, Wall Breakers, Giants, Goblins, Wizards, Pekka, Miners, Hog Riders, Valkyries, Golems, Witches, and Bowlers.
  • Archer Queen, Barbarian King, and the Grand Warden: they are the heroes of your village, who will involve in both attack and defense.

On another viewpoint, the troops can be categorized based on their roles. For example, in a match, some troops only target defensive buildings (Giants, Golems, and Balloons), loot buildings (Goblins), or walls (Wall Breakers) for their attacks, while the others will come for the nearest buildings where they are deployed (for example Barbarians, Archers, Wizards, and so on).

So, depending on what you want to achieve (loot or league points), you might prefer to choose a specific type of troops over the others.

Attacking Strategies

Depending on your purpose, you may combine different troops to prepare your attack.

For example, if you want to loot, you may want Barbarians + Archers or Goblins because these troops are cheap to make.

However, if you want to gain league points or win in clan wars, you need more powerful and expensive troops such as Dragons + Balloons + Spells.

There are many attacking strategies you may come up with. For example using Balloons, Giants or Hog Riders to destroy defensive buildings first, then deploy Dragons or Wizards to attack areas without defensive. This might easily bring you at least one star.

Once you understand all the troops’ abilities, it is easier to test different attacking strategies and see which one works and which doesn’t.

5. What Is Fun Playing Clash of Clans

So, a lot of players are into the game. What is interesting playing this game? What might bring you joyfulness and entertainment?

Test Attacking Tactics

Because Clash of Clans offers players a large number of troop types, the army selection is a quite an interesting process. Soon you will find out that some troops work together and some don’t.

There are many tips on troop selection from other players, so do your research, test the tactics and you will find what works best for you.

Design the Base Layout of Your Village

Time to time, you might feel that your village layout is not effective. This can result from the recent continuous loss in defense, or when you see another village with a better design. You may want to change yours also.

Then, you will spend hours looking for the base layout for your Town Hall on the Internet and follow them. After 15 to 30 minutes, you have a totally new design, which will bring you great pleasure.

A source for recommended base layouts:

clash of clans layouts
You can design up to three layouts for the home base and war base.

Team Work on Clan Wars

If you refuse to join a clan and involve in a clan war, you will miss a huge source of joyfulness.

Because a clan war is the fight of a team against another team, it requires a lot of communication among members. Therefore, the game brings in more discussions and increase clan connection (some calls it “brotherhood”) if you are in an active clan.

And believe me, when your clan wins, you will feel much better than just winning a single match.

6. Some Tips on Clash of Clans

Earlier, we have an article on how to level up in a proper way, plus attacking strategies. This is a personal overview, and while some tips might work with you, some might not. In general, there are two good habits that help you to process in the game:

  • Do not rush the base. You should always upgrade your buildings to the highest level that your Town Hall allows. This will make you strong in both defense and attack. A rush base is always a good target for an attack.
  • Donate troops when you can. So that when you need, the other players also donate you.

7. Where to Download

Google Play | App Store

Or visit Supercell’s Clash of Clans page.

Difficulty Levels
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