Video Games Discovery #10: Counter Strike Global Offensive (PC)

counter strike

So many people love gaming around the world, and individuals possess distinct interests which determines what games they’ll enjoy playing. But, there are certain games which are so popular, that anyone could have tremendous fun on it. One of those games is Counter-Strike Global Offensive, or more commonly known as CS:GO.

It’s a first-person shooter that was developed, and released by Valve Corporation back in 2012. Since then, it’s gone on to win awards such as “Best E-Sports Game”, which is extremely commendable. But, what do you need to be able to play the renowned PC game?

1. Counter Strike Global Offensive System Requirements

Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO)Well, first of all, you’ll need a PC which has at least 8GB of free storage on it. In addition, other minimum requirements include a sound card, a 256MB graphics card, and a relatively new operating system (Windows 7 and above). Furthermore, your PC will need to have at least 2GB of RAM, and anything above an Intel Core 2 Duo E660 or AMD Phenom X3 8750 processor.

On top of the specifications, which will do wonders for your FPS, you’ll also need an adequate network connection if you plan on playing online. That brings me to my next point – it does have multiplayer capabilities, and in fact, that’s what the majority of the community purchase the game for.

These are the minimum requirements. You might want to check the most popular gears of professional Counter-Strike players.

Monitor suggestions for CS:GO:

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You can play with friends, or you could delve into the game solo, and communicate with people from all across the globe. Of course, I’d advise trying to select the first option if possible, as playing with friends will allow you to develop while having fun, as random players can sometimes expect you to have a certain level of skill.

But, a network connection isn’t a compulsory requirement to play the game, as there are various single modes that you can immerse yourself into. However, it is recommended that you do stay connected to the internet. Why? Because if you want to download any extra single player operations, or you need to perform any updates, then you’ll still need a network connection.

2. What can you do in the game?

counter strike global offensive
A screenshot in Counter Strike Global Offensive. Photo by CS:GO Wiki Fandom.

Other than single mode operations, which you can utilize to boost your level, become familiar with the controls, or just generally have fun independently, there’s plenty of other ways to have fun within the online faction of the game. So, let’s start with the public lobbies…

There’s an endless number of things you can do within public lobbies, as the community is often updating them with different servers. Anyway, here are the main ones:

  • Team Deathmatch: This game mode is the best option for beginners, and that’s because after each death, you instantly respawn. Plus, you have unlimited cash to spend, so you can essentially try and master every single gun. Try not to become frustrated if you die often, just keep practicing the movement, aiming and recoil patterns.
  • Individual gun servers: These are best for those that are struggling to perform optimally with a specific gun. For instance, if you find it hard to get kills with a pistol, you could join a pistol-only server and improve your skill with it.

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3. The ins and outs of how to play…

The most important factor in learning how to play CS:GO is time; the more time you spend on the game, the better you’ll become. But, generally, you need to combine the movement side of things, with your ability to operate the mouse to aim and fire. At the end of the day, if you can’t shoot accurately, you’ll die nine times out of ten.

Now, if you’re someone who is desperate to improve and reach higher levels of performance, here are some tips for improvement:

Ways to improve basics

  • Utilize the free community servers to master the recoil patterns for each gun (search for recoil master on the Steam CS:GO Workshop)
  • Watch YouTube videos or spectate the streams from the pro players
  • Keep playing team deathmatch to become more comfortable with moving around the map
  • Keep your crosshair at head height at all times
  • Don’t try to fire while moving

Ways to improve in the competitive game mode:

  • Acquire a headset so you can communicate, and listen for sounds around the map (footsteps, gunfire etc)
  • Be a team player – teams win, individuals don’t
  • Choose a strategy for each round, and stick with it (adapt it if it isn’t working)
  • Use your cash wisely so you always have the strongest economy possible
  • Learn the call-outs for each map
  • Improve on the basics, so you can win more individual gunfights

Ways to have fun…

Ultimately, if you enjoy first-person shooters, you won’t struggle to have fun on CS:GO. After all, there must be a reason why millions of people play the game regularly. But, there are some things to consider to ensure you absorb the most amount of enjoyment possible. Check these out:

  • Play with your friends: Let’s face it, you’re obviously going to have more fun with the people you consider friends than people who you don’t know. You see, with friends you know you can speak freely, laugh uncontrollably, and feel relaxed. Plus, as CS:GO is a global game, you can often find yourself playing with random people who can’t speak your language.
  • Play non-competitive: Until you’ve built up a certain level of skill, it’s best to avoid competitive game modes. There’s no denying that you’re not going to have as much fun if you keep dying, and you can’t instantly respawn. Additionally, random players in competitive matchmaking can sometimes expect a certain level of skill from you.
  • Public lobbies: There are a plethora of servers which are purely fun-orientated, and don’t involve gunfights whatsoever. For example, you could play hide and seek on crazy maps with tons of people. Alternatively, you could do some surfing, which involves gliding around an obstacle course.

All in all, CS:GO is an epic game which can provide you with hours of entertainment. But, alongside fun, it also has a competitive element, a team-based environment, and requires you to develop extra skills.

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