Counter Strike (CS:GO): 9 Mistakes You Need to Avoid to Win More Matches

When you observe Counter Strike: Global Offensive from the outside, you’ll assume it’s a simple first-person shooter which is all about outkilling your opponents. Now, while the format is relatively simple, the process of winning rounds, halves and matches requires a lot more thought for tactics.

When it comes to these tactical aspects, a huge portion of players make basic mistakes which ultimately costs them and their team the victory. So, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common mistakes that you need to avoid if you want to take your game to the next level…

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Terrorist in CS:GO

Mistake #1: Not having a clear tactic

At the start of each round, you must decide whether you’re going to attack the A or B site, and then decide on a method of doing so. This ensures the whole team is on the same wavelength so that you can claim the round together. Without a plan, each player will end up isolated, and you’ll either fail to plant the bomb, or you’ll all get killed.

Mistake #2: Kill hunting once planted

Once you’ve planted the bomb, claim an effective position and stick with it. You have time on your side, and the other team has got to come to you in order to defuse the bomb. So, do not give them a chance by leaving yourself open to a death. Take cover, listen out for steps, and shoot when you need to.

Mistake #3: Flashing when you’re not first in line on a rush

If you’re going to rush a bomb site, you’ll most likely use a flash to blind the opposition. But, this must only be done by the first or second person in the line. If you’re the third, fourth or fifth person in the line, then do not throw a flashbang, as you’ll only make life harder for your teammates. Instead, just keep your gun out, and provide support as you progress.

Counter-Terrorist in CS:GO

counter strike global offensive skill groups mistakes

Mistake #4: Trying to retake a bomb site on your own

Unless you’re the last person alive or it’s a 1v1, you shouldn’t be trying to retake a bomb site individually. There are just too many angles to cover, and the opposition will take up varying positions around the site. So, just work with your teammates, and strike simultaneously from different directions.

Mistake #5: Rushing instead of holding position

There’s a time and a place for an eco-rush or a last-man hunt, but otherwise, you shouldn’t be pushing as a counter-terrorist. You should hold a smart position around a bomb site, and wait for the terrorists to make a move. This way you’ll be able to provide information, and most importantly, stay alive for as long as possible until you need to take action.

Mistake #6: Not buying a kit

One of the most infuriating things is going through the effort of killing the terrorists occupying the bomb site, and then running out of time due to not having a defuse kit. You’ll be able to win a lot more rounds by purchasing a defuse kit, as you’ll either have more time to gun down the terrorists or opt for a sneaky smoke defuse.


Mistake #7: Not using utility to your advantage

Grenades are an integral part of CS:GO, and they’re on the game for a reason. On the terrorist side you’ll be able to attack a bomb site much more efficiently, and as a CT you’ll be able to hold them off a lot longer. Smokes will keep them back, fire will block off access and flashes/grenades will work to your advantage.

Mistake #8: Not giving calls or communicating

Communication is probably THE biggest component in the game, and that’s because you’ll only win by playing as a team, and not individually. Information is vital in an attack versus defense scenario, as you’ll be able to gain the upper hand if the whole team knows where the opposition is. Plus, fast calls will enable you to prepare or react to an enemy move much easier.

Mistake #9: Bad economy

Another crucial aspect of competitive CS:GO is the economy, and a game can be won or lost based on financial decisions. If you’re force buying every round, not saving your weapons when the round is out of reach, or not spending as a team, then you won’t be able to have an efficient armory for as many rounds as possible.


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