Top 16 Educational Video Games For Kids You Must Know

Learning through games can help the young minds retain information and knowledge better – As long as the game is interesting enough. Let’s check out these 16 online educational video games for kids which will keep them excited to play and motivated to learn at the same time. Note that the list below includes both free and paid games.

Links to download / buy games are at the end of this article.

1. ItzaBitza

ItzaBitza is specially designed to motivate kids from 4 to 8 years old. This PC game employs the concept of “Living Ink” to helps kids learn reading by telling them to draw requested objects. And then, the kid’s drawings ” come to life” by being combined and organized into a story.

No matter how your kids’ creation looks, Sketchy (a character who asks them to draw) will adapt rudimentary artworks to their own use and make them “work” in accordance with their role (e.g., a rocket will blast off, a cloud will pour rain, etc.).

Skills achieved: 

  • Reading comprehension
  • Encourage persistence
  • Mouse-handling skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Creativity skills 
  • Logic skills

2. CoolMath

CoolMath is a free online game site which includes other Math-related game sites for “ages 3 to 100”. CoolMath has been set up since 1997 to make Math more enjoyable for those who think it is a pain to learn Math and couldn’t be fun.

Skills achieved: 

  • Calculations (multiplication, division, subtraction, addition)
  • Decimals
  • Money
  • Etc. 

3. Prime Radicals: Pentominoes

This free app is a puzzle game about the basic principles of Geometry subject and suits for 7-11 years old younglings. Prime Radicals: Pentominoes has been around for years – like its older cousin Tetris – and has been received much love from players of all ages, especially the teenagers.

There are many levels of difficulty which let players find up to 2,339 different solutions. Your kid has to build a rectangle “Pento tower” by combining smaller (but mustn’t be overlapping or repeating) shapes.

The game can be downloaded on App Store or Google Play.

Skills achieved:

  • Analytical skills 
  • Spatial reasoning skills
  • Cognitive development
  • Geometry knowledge
  • Communication skills

4. The Oregon Trail

This highly addictive classic game shouldn’t be excluded from any list of top online educational games for kids. Created in 1971 by three teachers to breathe life into history for elementary school kids, Oregon Trail is still favored today – so much so that it has been, in fact, developed for modern gamers worldwide (the original version had only texts and no graphics or sounds whatsoever).

The game requires players to travel the Oregon trail and try to survive the journey. They will face obstacles ranging from drowning to starve to death by dysentery while they guide their virtual families to a new, better life in the West.

Throughout the years, numerous versions of Oregon Trail are now available in PCs, as well as common gaming platforms on smart devices, and even on social networking sites like Facebook.

Skills achieved:

  • History – Geography skills
  • Real-life problem-solving techniques

5. Kids Academy 

Kids Academy is a precious learning game created to prepare preschoolers of ages 2-6 for success. The app offers various off-screen activities, interactive games and videos to improve the youngsters’ phonics, writing, reading abilities, and Math. The subjects are featured in the forms of classifying, sorting, matching, as well as working on printed worksheets and watching topic-related educational videos.

Downloading is free. The app also includes choices to upgrade to more games and features.

Skills achieved:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Math
  • Cognitive development

6. Highlights Hidden Pictures

This simple yet wonderful spot-it game is best to build cognitive and observant skill for little kids (as well as adults!). Puzzles in Highlights Hidden Pictures are divided into different themed worlds, with delightful animal characters offering helpful tips and interesting facts. 

Highlights Hidden Pictures offers in-app purchases and can be downloaded on App Store or Google Play.

Skills achieved:

  • Cognitive development
  • Observant skill

7. Crayon Physics

This game may look silly and too simple, but it actually takes a lot of thinking, trials and errors to finish the last level. The deceptive notions featured by a simple idea and original design. The player’s mission is to navigate a red ball towards a golden star then collect it by carefully drawing geometrical shapes (with the help of the mouse, stylus, or trackball) to push the red ball. This is easier said than done; players must strictly follow the principles of physics to guide the ball around hindrances.

With this game, the kids are introduced to motion, gravity, momentum, energy, and even physics laws as they play. 

Crayon Physics can be downloaded and played on different platforms like Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, so the prices are different accordingly. Note that there are two versions of the game: the basic version for younger kids and the deluxe version for older ones.

Skills achieved:

  • Physics
  • Cognitive development

8. Kids Vocabulary, Grammar & Language Learning Games

This lovely app is compatible with Apple’s smart devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and great for toddlers and preschoolers (5 years old and under). The app designed with experts in education and child development promises to get the young ready for future grades with its fascinating language-development games. 

This could be a group game for 4 kids to play and learn together on one account. And there’re even recommended learning courses specified for each child. The app games are featured in literacy, Math, language, science, etc. and the levels of difficulty are self-adjusted.

The user can download the trial version for their Apple device for free. The full version costs $3.99.

Skills achieved:

  • Language skills
  • Math
  • Science knowledge

9. Time, Money & Fractions On-Track

Students of ages 6-7, or preschool and early elementary kids, can be introduced to this little game via an iPad. There are interactive videos and games in the app to teach your kids about the basics of how time, money, and fractions work.

The owner of devices that have Apple platform can download Time, Money & Fractions On-Track for a small price of $4.99.

Skills achieved:

  • Setting clocks 
  • Telling time
  • Counting coins
  • Learning coin values
  • Learning fraction values

10. Kids Doodle

For kids, every interesting activity is a game, and Kids Doodle can sure bring about delightful time for children of 6-12 years old. Then again, this app isn’t a game, exactly. Rather, it’s about drawing, and both the child and the adult can have fun with it.

Like the majority of other drawing apps, Kids Doodle features a space for drawing. However, what makes it one of the best drawing apps is that it let you sketch with fascinating colors on a black background. It could be even more enjoyable for the little ones as they can freely choose the background colors, brushes (e.g., rainbow, neon, glow, crayon, fireworks, spray, ribbon, etc.). Aside from saving options, parents who wish to record their child’s drawing process for later replay can take advantage of the movie mode.

Here’s the appealing news: Kids Doodle can be played on Apple and Android devices. And it is completely free to download. What better ways to boost the young mind’s creativity than letting them play with Kids Doodle?

Skills achieved:

  • Drawing skills
  • Shape and color development

11. Frog Dissection

For little ones of 8-10 years old who are interested in the biology subject area, this so-called “ethical Science app” is for them. This game has been actually employed in school by the teachers or at home by the parents to teach dissection to the children. The plus point is, obviously, the process would be much less (if at all) scary and messy, but students can still gain full knowledge just like as though they get to operate a real frog.

The owner of devices that have Apple platform can download Frog Dissection at a small price of $3.99.

Skills achieved:

  • Knowledge of frogs’ life cycle
  • Anatomical knowledge comprehension
  • Experience lab simulation accurately

12. Tozzle

This is another wonderful educational app for toddlers. Tozzle is a kind of jigsaw puzzle app, but with the addition of cute animations and sound effects. Player’s mission is simple as they need to assemble the puzzles by dragging the right puzzle piece into place.

There are two versions of Tozzle: free and paid. The free one features a handful of easy puzzles, while the paid version ($1.99-$2.99) offers more than 40 “levels.”

Skills achieved:

  • Basic shape reorganization
  • Motor skills (i.e., basic eye-hand coordination)

13. Kodable – Coding for Kids

This is a free app which offers in-app purchase and is compatible with the iPad only. Kodable is designed to introduce computer science to kiddos from ages 4-11.

Sounds complicated, but it doesn’t require users to have programming knowledge in order to play it. And both parents and teachers can use this app.

Skills achieved:

  • Syntax 
  • Variables 
  • Logical thinking
  • Sequence problems
  • Work through problems
  • Classes and subclasses
  • Language programming (writing JavaScript, grade 5)

14. Coin Catcher

While this is a free app for iPad only, it’s fun and can teach the kids about:

  • Coin and money
  • Responsible fiscal practices
  • Needs vs. wants

Not only that, when they chase after the falling coins, the younglings’ dexterity, as well as memory, are constantly tested too. 

15. Stack the States

The app is for kids from 9 to 11 years old and fortunately compatible with both Apple and Android platforms, so you can download it for your iPhone, iPad, or other Android devices with just a small price of $2.99. Stack and States will ask your smart prince or princess to build a stack of colorful, cartoonish states in order to reach the finish line before passing to the next level.

Skills achieved:

  • Learn shapes
  • State capitals 
  • Abbreviations

16. DragonBox Algebra 5+

DragonBox Algebra 5+ is a paid app ($4.99) for both Android and Apple devices. It is designed to help students from 7-11 years old get higher grades, as well as gain more confidence in algebra (and Mathematics in general). 

The graphics of DragonBox Algebra 5+ are bright and eye-catching, with the hatch and growth of a cute dragon used to track the kid’s progress after each level. This app takes advantage of the rules and relationship between objects to make great experiences for visual learners.

Skills achieved:

  • Revision stimulation
  • General algebraic rules
  • Addition of fractions
  • Factorization and substitution
  • Knowledge of signs (e.g., parentheses, positive, negative, etc.)

Summary: 16 Online Educational Games For Kids You Must Know

  1. ItzaBitza | Download on Steam
  2. Cool Math | Play Cool Math Games
  3. Prime Radicals: Pentominoes | Download from Google Play | App Store
  4. The Oregon Trail | Play The Oregon Trail
  5. Kids Academy | Google Play | App Store
  6. Highlights Hidden Pictures | Google Play | App Store
  7. Crayon Physics | Go to Crayon Physics homepage
  8. Kids Vocabulary, Grammar & Language Learning Games
  9. Time, Money & Fractions On-Track | App Store
  10. Kids Doodle | Google Play | App Store
  11. Frog Dissection | App Store
  12. Tozzle | App Store
  13. Kodable – Coding for Kids | Go To Kodable homepage
  14. Coin Catcher | App Store | Google Play
  15. Stack the States | App Store | Google Play
  16. DragonBox Algebra 5+ | DragonBox homepage

Final Words

With little instructions from you, your children can play games which are not only entertaining but also extremely educational so that their brain can be developed and their knowledge can be broadened. If you really care about your child’s future, looking into an early childhood education degree is never too late.

Hopefully, our list of online educational games for kids will be a great place for you to start. Let us know if you have other great games, both web browser and mobile games, by leaving your comment below. Thank you for reading!

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