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Overwatch all playable heroes or characters
Overwatch's heroes

Blizzard have truly done a magnificent job with Overwatch. Since its inception, it’s gone from strength to strength, and it’s still continuously gaining popularity across the world. Although it’s a first-person shooter, it gives you a different sense of enjoyment that you don’t get with all of the others.

You can fully immerse yourself in the game; whichever hero you choose, you’ll be able to easily imagine that you’re actually them. But, who are all the playable heroes and what are their abilities? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to tell you…

 HeroesStyleOriginal StrengthWeaponsAbilities
1McCreeOffense200Peacekeeper PistolCombat Roll, Flashbang and Deadeye
2DoomfistOffense250Hand Cannon, Personal ShieldHand Cannon, Seismic Slam, Rising Uppercut, and Meteor Strike
3PharahOffense200RocketsJump Jet, Concussive Blast and Barrage
4GenjiOffense200Katana and ShurikenShuriken, Swift Strike and Dragonblade.
5ReaperOffense250Twin ShotgunsWraith Form, Dead Blossom and Shadow Step
6SombraOffense200Machine PistolStealth, Hack, Translocator and EMP
7Soldier-76Offense200Heavy Pulse Rifle, Helix RocketsTactical Visor, Sprint and Biotic Field
8TracerOffense150Pulse Pistols and Pulse BombBlink, Recall
9WidowmakerDefense200Widow's Kiss sniperGrappling Hook, Infra-Sight and Venom Mines
10MeiDefense250Endothermic BlasterCryo-Freeze, Blizzard and Ice Wall
11HanzoDefense200Storm BowSonic Arrow, Scatter Arrow and DragonStrike
12BastionDefense300Submachine Gun, Gattling GunThree configurations Recon - Sentry - Tank, Reconfigure, and Self Repair
13JunkratDefense200Frag Launcher grenades, Mine and TrapFrag Launcher, Concussion Mine, Total Mayhem, Steel Trap and Rip-Tire
14TorbjornDefense200Rivet Gun and Forge HammerBuild Turret, Armor Pack and Molten Core
15OrisaTank400Fusion Driver CannonsSupercharger, Fortify, Halt and Projective Barrier
16ReinhardtTank500Rocket Hammer and Barrier FieldEarthshatter, Charge and Fire Strike
17WinstonTank500Tesla CannonsBarrier Projector, Primal Range, and Jump Pack
18RoadhogTank600Scrap Gun and Chain HookChain Hook, Take a Breather and Whole Hog
19ZaryaTank400Particle Cannon, Projected Barrier and Particle BarrierGraviton Surge
20D.VaTank600Fusion Cannons and Light GunBoosters, Defense Matrix, Call Mech, Self-Destruct and Micro Missiles
21MoiraSupport200Biotic EnergyFade, Biotic Grasp, Biotic Orb and Coalescence
22SymmetraSupport200Photon Projector and Sentry TurretPhoton Barrier, Teleporter and Shield Generator.
23MercySupport200Caduceus Staff and BlasterValkyrie, Resurrect, Guardian Angel, Angelic Descent
24AnaSupport200Biotic Rifle, Sleep Dart and Biotic GrenadeNano Boost
25LucioSupport200Sonic AmplifierAmp it up, Crossfade and Sound Barrier
26ZenyattaSupport200Energy OrbsTranscendence, Orb of Destruction, Orb of Harmony and Orb of Discord


McCree: This gunslinger will use his powerful Peacekeeper pistol to fire a shot at whatever is in its line of fire. Other abilities include Combat Roll, Flashbang, and Deadeye.
Doomfist: This powerful hero can do major damage with either his Hand Cannon, Seismic Slam, Rising Uppercut or Meteor Strike.

Pharah: While flying through the sky using Jump Jet, Pharah will fire deadly rockets at everyone within the launchers radius. She also has Concussive Blast and Barrage.

Genji: You’ll love using Genji to sling vicious Shuriken stars, and deal damage using Swift Strike and Dragonblade with his Katana sword.

Reaper: By transitioning into a shadow using Wraith Form and teleporting to destinations with Shadow Step, Reaper can cause hell with his Hellfire Shotguns.

Sombra: She may look innocent, but Sombra hacks enemies, goes invisible with Stealth, skips locations with Translocator, destroys shields with an EMP and executes with her Machine Pistol.

Soldier-76: Soldier-76 can use his Tactical Visor to deliver accurate shots with his Heavy Pulse Rifle. Other abilities include Helix Rockets, Sprint and Biotic Field.

overwatch skirmish soldier 76
Skirmish with Soldier 76

Tracer: Tracer can teleport using her ability called Blink. Also, she is a time-manipulator with her ability to rewind personal timeline. Her weapons include twin pistols, and energy bombs.


Torbjorn: With his Rivet Gun as his weapon, Forge Hammer as his utility and Turret as an enemy-tracking device, Torbjorn can truly be a wonderful hero.
Widowmaker: Widowmaker utilizes her Widow Kiss sniper rifle to keep enemies at bay. But, she can also see through walls with Infra-Sight and sneakily set up attacks with Venom Mines.

Mei: She looks incredibly cute, until she freezes enemies in place with her Endothermic Blaster, blocks of offenses with an Ice Wall and causes mayhem with a Blizzard.

Hanzo: This clever archer can deliver sharp blows with his Storm Bow, track enemies with a Sonic Arrow and produce a mass-eating spirit dragon with Dragonstrike.

Bastion: Bastion is extremely versatile, and can alter between an athletic Recon, a deadly sentry, and a dominating tank.

Junkrat: Although this colorful character only has one leg, he can still cause havoc with a Frag Launcher. Other abilities include Concussion Mine, Total Mayhem, Steel Trap and Rip-Tire.


Orisa: Orisa can brilliantly increase damage delivered by the whole team with Supercharger, slow enemies with Halt and harm any opposition with Fusion Driver.

D.Va: At short range, her Fusion Cannons are unforgiving. But, she can also sustain the attack with a Light Gun, and hurt nearby enemies with Self-Destruct and Micro Missiles.

Reinhardt: Reinhardt’s lethal Rocket Hammer can deliver substantial damage, especially with Earthshatter and Fire Strike. He can also steam through enemies in a straight line with Charge.

Winston: The gorilla-like character whizzes around with a Tesla Cannon. But, his greatest feature is Primal Range, with heightens both his attack, defense and Jump Pack.
Roadhog: First Roadhog will utilize his Chain Hook to get enemies within the range of his Scrap Gun. If there are a ton of enemies, he can fire, fire and fire with Whole Hog.

Zarya: Zarya is perfect for use on the front line. She can use her powerful Particle Cannon, add damage to it with Particle Barrier and protects allies with her Projected Barrier.


Zenyatta: This harmony-orientated character can deliver damage with Orb of Destruction, heal nearby team members with Orb of Harmony, and increase damage with Orb of Discord.

overwatch kill cam route 66 zenyatta
Overwatch Kill Cam

Moira: As we mentioned earlier in BlizzCon 2017 summary, Moira is a new character. She has excellent at healing. Why? Because she uses Fade to travel quickly, and then utilizes either Biotic Grasp, Biotic Orb or Coalescence to heal allies or sap health from enemies.

Symmetra: Symmetra will deliver constant damage with her Photon Projector, Sentry Turret or Photon Barrier. She can also teleport and protect teammates with her Shield Generator.

Mercy: She’s an angel-like figure for good reason. She can fly with Valkyrie, bring teammates back to life with Resurrect and increase health with her Caduceus Staff.

Ana: This female bounty hunter can attack and heal with her Biotic Rifle or leave an enemy lifeless with a Sleep Dart. Other abilities include Nano Boost and Biotic Grenade.

Lucio: Even though he’s very vibrant, Lucio is still prepared for battle. He has a Sonic Amplifier to keep enemies back, Crossfade to improve health and Sound Barrier for protection.

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How many heroes have you been playing with? Which character is the best in your opinion? Share your thoughts in the comment.

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