20 Guinness World Records You Don’t Even Believe Exist

20 strangest guinness world records

A famous quote said ‘’Nothing is impossible!’’. We didn’t appreciate this one till we made the list of 20 Guinness world records that you don’t even believe exist. How about you? Do you doubt it? Let’s find out right now!

The List of Top 20 Unbelievable Guinness World Records

1. Buried Alive

Zdenek Zahradka – a fakir of Czech Republic – lay down in a wooden coffin to put his name on the world record’s list. The fakir surprisingly survived 10 days while being buried underground without any food and water.

2. Pierced Woman

First having skin pierced in 1997, a former restaurant owner from Brazil – Elaine Davidson – had upwards of 4225 piercings on 8th June 2006. She then constantly added and replaced the jewelry on her face. Elaine also enhanced her bizarre looks with many tattoos and a colorful makeup layer.

3. 79 Spoons on Face

Dalibor Jablanovic (Serbia) astonished other people by balancing 31 spoons on his face. His record was recognized in September 2013 in Stubica, Serbia. He additionally held the record for most spoons on a body (79 is the total number).

4. Longest Fingernails

The longest fingernails pertained to Lee Redmond – an American woman. In 1979, she started nourishing them. From that time, she cared and manicured her fingernails till they reach the length of 28 ft. 4.5’’ (8.65m). These were recognized in February 2008 in Madrid, Spain. Unfortunately, Lee lost them in early 2009 because of an accident.

5. Total on Fire & Being Pulled Man

Josef Todtling – an Austria – set a Guinness World Record in Teichalm-Fladnitz, Styria. In his performance in June 2015, Josef let a horse pull him while his body was completely covered by fire. 500 meters (about 1640.42 ft) was the longest distance that he made.

If you want to see how he did that, check the video below:

6. Most Cosmetic Procedures

A lady from the USA named Cindy Jackson attained both the beauty and world record for her cosmetic procedures. She received 47 ones as a result of spending a whopping $99,600, which included 9 full-scale operations since 1988.

7. Longest Released Song

Even things tend to be shorter nowadays, but the officially released song sung by PC III doesn’t. Mike Peters of The Alarm composed ‘’In The Garden’’ song which lasts in 181 minutes and 50 seconds. The previous record also came from this group, PC III.

8. Longest Kissing Time

Ekkachai and Laksana took the prize to their home for attaining the record called ‘’Longest Kiss Ever’’. This couple coming from Bangkok beaten out all others to win the contest held by ‘’Ripley’s Believe or Not’’. They kissed each other without a break in 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds.

9. Most Bridesmaids to Only One Bride

Another couple came home with a record, but not as kissing time like the above ones. 168 bridesmaids appearing on these two’s wedding helped them achieve this prize. The wedding took place in Florida, the USA on April, 18th 2015.

10. Smallest Waist

guinness world records smallest waist
Photo via GuinnessWorldRecords Twitter

Despite being 73 years old, an American woman is capable of setting a world record thanks to her tiny waist. At this point, Cathie Jung claimed to put on a corset the whole day. Waist size of ‘The Corset Queen’’ is only 15 inches (38.1 cm), while un-corseted, it’s 21 inches (53.34 cm).

11. Record for Most Records Set in a Music Video

After presenting ‘’Ain’t It Fun’’ music video, Paramore rock band succeeded in setting some world records. During this video, 10 records were made including most clocks wrecked with the guitars, most cartwheels performed in 20 seconds whereas wearing boots, fasted time to pass by 10 paper banners. Especially, these 10 records brought Paramore a big one as ‘’Most Records Set In A Music Video’’.

12. Alive Rattlesnakes in Human Mouth

Well, “frighten”, “worried”, “terrified” are some words that may describe your feeling now. To be the owner of this record, Jackie Bibby had put 11 snakes into his mouth. No later, he broke his own record by keeping 13 those poisonous reptile animals in 10 seconds. Jack had to hold their tails not to be bitten. No matter how he did, this still obsessed us.

13. Dog with Lengthy Eyelash

Owning eyes with long eyelash is a dream of many girls. However, Ranmaru – a dog belonging to the breed of Australian Labradoodle in Tokyo, Japan – has an unbelievable long eyelash (up to 6.9 inches long) to such an extent that helping her made the world record. At the time in September of 2014, she was 3.8 years old.

14. Dog Skateboarder

Have you ever heard about a dog skateboarder before? It may be incredible, I know. But Otto did it! Thanks to the inspiration of the late great Tillman, our Bulldog hero sailed through 60 legs of people to gun the ‘’Longest Human Travel Tunnel Traveled Through By Dog Skateboarder’’ record.

15. Farthest Eyeball Pop

guinness world records eyeball pop
Photo by Kim Goodman on Flickr

Kim Goodman is the owner of this record. She discovered her strange talent once her head was hit on a hockey match. This USA woman popped her eyeballs toward up to 0.47 inch (about 12mm) beyond the eye sockets on November 2nd, 2007 in Turkey.

16. Beer Bottle Caps, a Man & a Helicopter

A Chinese pilot named Zhao Yang beat several opponents to hold the record in his hands. During the ‘’Guinness World Records Special’’ program in Zhejiang, China, he managed to take off the lid of 6 bottles in 3 minutes.

17. Thousand Facial Masks Applied

1213 facial sheet masks were simultaneously applied by people gathering in Taipei Taiwan. This lasted for 600 continuous seconds. The foregoing precedent was set by 974 people at Huntington Beach in California.

18. Clothes Pegs Clipped on Face in One Minute

guinness world records clip on face in one minute

We last talked about a man with hundreds of straws in his mouth; now the moment of a man with clothes pegs. It’s Silvio Sabba who nipped 51 clothes pegs over his face in 60 seconds. He had to put up with a tremendous pain to set the record in December 2012 in Pioletello, Italy.

19. Telephone Directories Torn Into Pieces

The next Guinness Record was made by a strong woman – Linesey Lindberg in Austin Texas. She can bend metal bars, break metal chains, and especially, tear telephone directories in a moment. Only in a minute, she ripped over 1000 pages of telephone directories (5 books) on November 16, 2014.

Let’s watch what this woman can do:

20. Bunch of Straw Stuffed in Mouth

From the UK, a guy named Simon Elmore gave the audience at the Mark ‘n’ Simon Show of Germany goosebumps. He put and held exactly 400 straws in his mouth in 10 seconds. This happened on August 6, 2009.


We’ve discovered some unbelievable, weird things happening in our life. Which are Guinness world records you like most? Let’s us know by leaving your comment below. Thank you!


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