Virtual Reality in Architecture
Virtual Reality will totally change the way architects build up houses

Technology never stops evolving. In recent years, new devices and platforms are born, and they have influenced almost every aspect of life. This year, it’s supposed to be a turning point for Virtual Reality and Blockchain which surely blow the consumers’ minds away.

What about other latest technology trends in 2017? Are you ready to find out what’s coming next? Check this post!

10Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality. Photo by Billetto Editorial on Unsplash

Virtual Reality (VR) is theoretically the computer-made simulation of real-life situations, and it offers us the most immersive experiences that we could have never had in real life.
VR is commonly known for increasing the imaginary reality in various fields, from entertainment activities (such as 3D movies, video games) to commercial purposes (such as real estate). It also creates a simulation of where you can freely practice firsthand, like exploring far-off planets in astronomy classes or joining a flight simulator.



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