Top 6 Professional Jobs for Video Game Lovers

top 6 professional jobs for game lovers
Being a game tester might be your first job in gaming industry.

The gaming community worldwide is growing at an exponential speed. Now we have more than 2 billion gamers all around the world, and they generate billions of dollars for the game industry. Amongst them, there are more and more serious gamers who play games for a living. If you’re considering a career in this field, check out our top 6 game jobs below.

Top 6 Game Jobs for Game Lovers

Video Game Testers

top 6 professional jobs for game lovers
Being a game tester might be your first job in the gaming industry.

Becoming a video game tester, you will get to play games all day. That’s because a game tester is the one who grasps different games’ characteristics to see if there’s any problem with them. You are required to test various aspects such as program glitches, visual effects, applications, etc. You usually have to write reports about what you test so that game developers can fix the flaws before releasing their games.

Requirements may include a bachelor’s degree in a technical field, experience in the game field, knowledge of computers, operating systems, etc. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a game tester in the United States is $22,360 per year. 

Being a video game tester is a perfect launch pad for your career in the game industry. This provides you the experience you need for being a game developer, or designer later on.

Game Developers

game developers: top 6 professional jobs for game lovers
Becoming a game developer is the dream of many game lovers.

Game developing is a broad term to indicate various jobs. You can create a concept for a game, write storylines, design visual effects, make audio, and code a game. If you have strong skills in the coding area, you can work mainly as a coder while participating in other developing aspects of the game.
A bachelor’s degree is usually the main requirement for the job of programming. The primary skill is usually writing a programming language. Recently, the use of software such as Unity (C#, JavaScript, Boo) or Unreal Engine (C++) is quite popular among professional game developers. So, it is a benefit that you also learn how the software works. 

According to Glassdoor, an average income for game developers in the United States is around $89,000 in 2017.

Game Animators

As we probably know, the game industry has recently produced a lot of game with great graphics and animation, especially in the First-Person Shooter area such as Overwatch, or Destiny. Games on consoles like PlayStation or Xbox have to have amazing designs. And that’s the direction in which the game world will continue to grow. Smoother animation, better characters, for a more realistic game experience. (Well, let’s say that Minecraft is an exclusion to this concept). Even with 2D games on Google or Apple Play Store, the competitiveness is high.

That’s where game animators are quite much in need. 

If you are interested in graphics, this may be the job for you. Everything you see as you are playing a game is created by a game animator. This person makes objects and people moves as real as possible. The concept and drawing of characters or objects can be done by other people, but your job as an animator is mainly to breathe life into static drawings. You can work both as a 2D and 3D animator.

To get this job, you must master the use of some professional animation tools, such as Autodesk’s 3DMax or Blender (free). Luckily there are a bunch of tutorials on how to use the software on Youtube. Therefore, you can learn easily by yourself.

The requirements for this job vary by employers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, game animating job could bring you about $69,000 on average each year. 

Game Sound / Audio Designers

game sound designers: top 6 professional jobs for game lovers

If you are enchanted by sound effects, this is one of the best game jobs for you. An audio developer focuses on creating sound effects and putting those sounds into a game to make everything as real as possible. Audio developers must master some professional audio engineering programs to meet the various needs of employers. Writing code may also be involved in the process.

Working in this position, you may be asked to create every sound in the game from low-level sounds to high-level sounds. Requirements usually include training in the audio engineering field.

According to GameSoundCon 2017 surveys, the average yearly salary for a contracted employee in this field is $74,732 ($3000 more than in 2016).

Game Directors

As a game director, you ensure that the final product is as good as it can be. So, you are involved in all aspects of creating a video game, from concept to writing, animating, coding, etc. But you do not have to be an expert in all of these skill areas. You do need knowledge in those areas, of course, but your main concern is making your vision come true, just as a movie director.

To do this, you will recruit the best workers for your projects, coordinate your team members, supervise everything and present the products to your boss. Requirements may include a Bachelor’s degree in arts.

Professional Gamers

professional gamers: top 6 jobs for game lovers
Many gamers have been successfully building up a gaming channel on Youtube that generates income.

Playing games for a living is all gamers’ dream. Some lucky people seem to have accomplished their dream, and they are called professional gamers. They play games and try to win tournaments for money.

Besides prize money, professional gamers also earn from viewership of their YouTube channels. Also, many of them stream their games on professional gaming websites such as Twitch to create a community and earn from sponsorship. Maybe you would also like to know step by step how to stream games on Twitch and start your own channel?

There are no schools that teach professional gaming. “Practice makes perfect” is always true. In some countries, like Singapore, the eSport players are much appreciated.

It is difficult to estimate the earnings for a professional gamer because it depends on how skillful the player is. Also, which channels a player chooses to generate incomes are also a big factor that affects the amount of money they earn.

So, choose your favorite game, start practicing until you are a master and then tries to get money from it!


We’ve only mentioned the most popular game jobs for game enthusiasts. You should do more research into this community to see if there’s a suitable position for yourself. Also, you should examine your passion and skills if you want to make it here.

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