Top 8 Virtual Reality Applications That Will Change Our Life

virtual reality application for vacation planning

The term “virtual reality” is often associated with gaming and mobile apps. While people are busy looking at the latest PS4 in VR, amazing miracles are happening across other sectors. Some of them include education, car industry, surgery, architecture, and so on.

Last week, we published our list of 5 best VR headsets you can get in 2017. Today, we’d like to introduce 8 amazing virtual reality applications that, we believe, will change your real life.

Top 8 Virtual Reality Applications


1. Vacation Planning

People tend to plan their vacations carefully by searching for online information. For example, they often read reviews to seek for potential destinations. However, this is not the optimal choice because virtual reality offers a better way.

Only with your smartphone and an affordable VR headset, you can put yourself in places where you want to visit to see if they are really that interesting. For example, you can take a virtual helicopter flight above New York City. So, you can see whether it’s really worth spending a lot of money for traveling or not.



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